Last Night of the World

Last Night of the World

Last Night of the World

Last Night of the World

Last Night of the World

by Joyce Wayne






Last Night of the World is the first Canadian historical novel
whose central figure is a Canadian woman spy.


Faithfully based upon historical fact, the novel weaves the story around a cast of intriguing characters whose actions

unleashed the Cold War. Mainly set in Ottawa, a Soviet-run espionage cell attempts to steal atomic secrets until they are

betrayed by one of their own. Many of the names and locations in the novel are familiar: Igor Gouzenko, the Soviet cipher clerk

who defected to the West, the Russian Col. Nikolai Zabotin, military attaché to the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa, Fred Rose, first

and only elected member of the Canadian Communist Party to the House of Commons, John Grierson, Founding Director

of the National Film Board, soon-to-be Prime Minister Lester Pearson and the master double-agent Kim Philby.


It all makes for a gripping spy story of massive international implications
and with the main action set in 


The pivotal character is the bold and seductive Freda Linton. She arrives in Canada in 1922 from Belarus, at the age of fifteen.

Linton is the child of a traditional Eastern European upbringing. She flees Europe to escape the vicious attack on

her village during the revolutionary war. As her life unfolds in Canada, she first loses her Jewish faith and then her faith

in the Communist Party. She becomes a pawn of the heavyweights who run the Party and whose mission it is to collect

vital, secret information for Moscow Centre. Freda dutifully sleeps with informants who she detests, but her emotional life

is elsewhere: with the two men vying for her true affection and trust.


On a hot Ottawa night in August 1945, Soviet agent Freda Linton’s world is about to fall apart. She’s spent the war infiltrating

the highest levels of the Canadian government as an undercover operative for the fledging Canadian Communist

Party and for Moscow’s military police. As the global conflict nears its conclusion, her Soviet embassy handler and darling

of the diplomatic scene Nikolai Zabotin sends her to retrieve atomic secrets from the Chalk River Nuclear Laboratories.

When Freda discovers that Soviet cipher clerk Igor Gouzenko plans to turn over top-secret files to the RCMP that will expose

Freda and the others in her spy ring, she is faced with an impossible decision and must determine who is on her side.

Should she risk everything to smuggle out nuclear secrets that will kick off the Cold War?


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Last Night of the World

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