About Joyce

Joyce Wayne is based in Toronto, Ontario and considers herself to be a late bloomer;

“I have returned to fiction after a lengthy hiatus and am following my dream

of writing the historical novels that I have imagined for years.”



Joyce Wayne is based in Oakville, Ontario where she lives with her husband and their Great Pyrenees, Rufus. She was a winner of the Diaspora Dialogues contest for fiction and the Fiona Mee Award for literary non-fiction. Joyce was the director of the Sheridan Centre for Internationally Trained Individuals where she launched the Canadian journalism program for newcomers to Canada.

“I’ve heard tales of Igor Gouzenko’s defection from the time I was a child. Last Night of the World is the book I’ve always wanted to write. My new novel is the story of the spark that ignited the Cold War from the point of view of the Canadian-Soviet spies implicated by Gouzenko. When I watched the T.V. series, The Americans, I knew it the time was right.”

She would like to thank the Ontario Council for its support.